Who we are ? what we do ? what's our strategy ? .. etc

Let's start with "who we are ?"

We are a group of dealers and entrepreneurs who looking for making best deals for Arab World companies in web hosting industry, If you are a small company and you cannot get discounted price we are here to help you ! Our goal is provide the best price for all popular software like cPanel and WHMCS licenses .


What we do ?

We are looking for making exclusive deals with biggest brands in web hosting industry to help Arab companies and support them with all they need


Our services ..

We are updating our services from time to time and we started with the biggest brands of control panels software cPanel, we will announce about new deals soon :), we working with software licensees only and we will not introduce any web hosting services like shared hosting or dedicated servers .. etc


Automated Systems

Today and forever our business will be based on automated systems, we are very aware of wasing time in waiting support services resonses there's no need to contact even our support just add your credit and enjoy with our services, you will have full control of your licenses and this is just a begining !



We staand behind our services there's no need to worry if you want to try our services first time, you will get 30 days guarantee our customer care department will refund your time .